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One-on-One Coaching

I teach meditation and coach people over skype and phone on how to integrate meditation and mindfulness into everyday life for better living.

I help you set achievable goals and develop a customized practice tailored to your needs and personality type.

We’re all different, and while a certain practice may work great for one person, it might not work for you.  I love helping people find the practices that work for them.

My approach is integrative, I draw on many complementary modalities to give you the best tools to achieve your goals. I love making complex or abstract ideas very practical and accessible, helping you to live a better, fuller life.

Jeff Warren - meditate with jude online

“Jude is one of my best pals and a wise and practical synthesizer of meditation and psychotherapy. He’s the person I go to when I want to talk through some mind-body insight. I think of him as the next generation of mental health guide: a meditator-psychologist-shaman mash-up, with street smarts.”

– Jeff Warren, founder of Consciousness Explorers Club, author of The Head Trip, co-author of Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics

Who am I?

I’m a lifelong student of meditation and psychology. I became obsessed with consciousness and eastern philosophy in my late teens and have been exploring ever since. I founded the meditation group The Toronto Sitters and used to teach at the Consciousness Explorers Club as well. Right now I’m exclusively focusing on one-on-one’s, which is my favourite format to work.

I’ve studied formally and informally in a number of meditation traditions, most notably with Shinzen Young and Jeff Warren.

I’ve also studied psychology and psychotherapy at the Transpersonal Therapy Centre, The Gestalt Institute of Toronto, and I’m currently studying Existential-Integrative Therapy at The Living Institute.

I spent a few years studying indigenous spiritual practices too, mainly in the Shipibo tradition.

Aside from all my studies in consciousness I spent most of my youth skateboarding and much of my adult life involved with art and photography.

John - meditate with jude online

“Jude’s breadth of knowledge and experience is expansive. I was nervous and overwhelmed at first, but he broke things down with ease and helped tailor a practice that was right just for me. Jude met me where I was at.”

John, writer, professional chef, and former meditation hater

Parooljoshi - meditate with jude online

“As a yoga and meditation teacher, I came to Jude to learn a meditation style that was new to me. I was impressed by his ability to quickly gauge where I was in my journey and to customize the session towards what I needed.Jude’s presence is a gift, his instructions are clear and I can honestly say you will feel supported in your journey by an experienced guide who’s walked the path, and who creates a fully present and safe environment for exploration. I recommend him to beginners and experienced meditators alike.”

Parool Joshi, yoga and meditation teacher

What does a session look like?

All sessions are customized around your needs.  I will ask questions to figure out how I can best help you and we will structure the session from there.

We may focus on one issue or many.  I might help you set up a simple regular practice and discuss how to stick to it, I may walk you through some short guided meditations to see how you take to various practices, we may discuss how to implement mindfulness techniques into everyday life, or we may spend more time discussing the larger theory to give you a better idea of your options.

I can help you set up a basic practice or customize a practice to deal with specific issues such as ADD/ADHD, stress, anxiety, anger, or depression.

I can also offer guidance for yoga teachers on how to integrate meditation into their practice and teaching.

Everything will be tailored around your goals and needs.

*All coaching begins with a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit for working together.  All sessions are conducted over phone or skype unless arranged otherwise.  If you happen to be in Toronto, in-person session are possible upon request

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